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Art is poetry without words…

A controversial topic that still lingers in the art community even today is whether digital art is “real” art. The argument is that using a computer to draw and paint is considered “cheating” and that it doesn’t require any skill.

When digital art was relatively new, most of it was used in professional design, and it was some time later that artists started incorporating digital art into their everyday lives.


However, many traditional artists have now accepted and validated digital art. While it is true that digital art has features that make it easier to do certain things, that doesn’t make it any less valuable, nor does it mean it takes less effort to finish a piece of artwork.

The images you see below were made using COREL PAINTER - a fantastic art program that simulates very effectively many types of media, tools, brushes, etc. I also use a WACOM GRAPHICS TABLET which has a special pen which is pressure sensitive. You’ll find links to these tools on the LINKS page.

Digital Art

Below you will find some examples of my Digital Artwork…

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