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Art is poetry without words…


I have always been a keen photographer, and have quite a collection of interesting images. Good photography is an art in its own right, but it can also be used as a tool for inspiration to draw and paint. I believe photography can really complement you as a painter.

There are times when you are just not able to paint a scene from life. Maybe the light is fading, the weather is changing or your subject is moving. Photography allows you to capture elusive scenes so can you paint in your own time.

Note that great photos do not necessarily make great painting references. It is not the quality of the photo that counts but rather the composition of the photo and the inspiration it provides you.

It is recommended that you paint from photos which you yourself have taken, and do not just copy them, but use them as motivation, interpreting them from your own artistic experience.

Below you will find some examples from my photo collection…

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